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Best Tips For Selling A House In Mission Hills

 Best Tips For Selling A House In Mission Hills Mission Hills is a centrally located neighborhood that is widely considered to be one of the most historic and architecturally impressive in San Diego. In fact, many famous architects including John Lloyd Wright, Homer Delawie, Lloyd Ruocco and Sim Bruce Richards designed homes for the area.

The properties here tend to come in several styles and quaint, craftsman bungalows give way to large mansions and even impressive stately homes, each with unique characteristics and charm. Surrounding them are well manicured landscapes and tranquil parks.

With gorgeous homes and an environment that is notable for being affluent but calm and family-friendly, and within easy distance of more active neighborhoods like Hillcrest and Old Town, it is easy to see why Mission Hills has become a popular place to live among young professionals and families.

Nevertheless, if the time has come for you to move on from Mission Hills or you are simply selling your home in the neighborhood, you will undoubtedly want to secure a fast and straightforward sale while still achieving the most you can for your property.

Price Your Property Right

This is where an exceptional realtor comes into their own. With the unique understanding of the real estate market in Mission Hills, and plenty of experience under his/her belt, your realtor will be able to tell you exactly what price you should sell at to ensure a timely sale and the best possible price.

Current listing prices in Mission Hills range from $500k for a small 2-bed bungalow to over $4million for a Spanish-style estate home in the most desirable part of the neighborhood.

Get Your Home In Tip Top Condition

Mission Hills is an affluent area and people who want to buy homes here are almost certainly looking for a property in excellent condition rather than a fixer-upper. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to take care of little jobs that make all the difference to the appearance of your home. Some things to consider include:

– Fixing any obvious signs of wear and tear such as cracked tiles, chipped paint and other similar damage.

– Give your front door a fresh coat of paint.

– Tidy up your front yard: clear walkways, trim hedges and fix any broken paving or porch lights. Kerb appeal counts!

– Wash windows and ensure any window dressings let as much light in as possible.

– Put clutter away. This will help your property seem bigger.

– Remove photographs where possible. You want the buyer to be able to envisage themselves living in your home.

Again, your realtor will be able to advise you on effective changes that will make your property seem more desirable.

Create Space Wherever You Can

Any realtor will tell you that space is a crucial selling point of any property, and the larger and more spacious you can make your home, the higher the price it will be able to command. This doesn’t mean you have to build an extension. Instead, there are lots of extra tricks and tips that can make your home seem larger than it really is, including:

– Having a huge declutter. A yard sale is a great way to get rid of things you don’t really need!

– Putting things away so that rooms are free of junk.

– Put any furniture you don’t need into storage if you can.

– Leave curtains and blinds open to let in as much light as possible.

– Use mirrors to create the illusion of extra space.

Stay Out Of The Way During Viewings

When considering buying a property, people want to feel comfortable and unrushed when wandering around. Give them space and time to look at each room and the grounds without hovering in the background. If you want to, you can make yourself available at the end of the viewing to answer any questions or get your realtor to handle the Q&A on your behalf.

Choose The Right Buyer

Hopefully, you will be in a position where you have multiple offers to choose from. However, don’t just assume that the highest offer is the best. Buyer reliability is essential in securing a quick and successful sale, so choosing the right buyer is very important. Safe buyers include those who have already sold their home and are currently in rented accommodation or living with relatives, chain-free first-time buyers and cash buyers who do not need a mortgage. If you choose a buyer who is reliant on a mortgage, your realtor will be able to ensure that they are pre-qualified and have the necessary deposit to secure the loan.

If you want your Mission Hills home to sell fast and for top dollar, you need to secure the services of a proficient and knowledgeable realtor. I would be delighted to use my skill and extensive experience in San Diego home sales to help you achieve a successful sale on your property. Please contact me today to find out more.