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Tips For Selling Real Estate In San Diego

Use Social Media

While social media was initially created as a method of communication between family and friends, it has quickly come one of the most effective marketing tools of the 21st Century. Consumers now expect virtually all businesses and organizations that they engage with to be available on social media. Millennials, who are coincidentally the largest group of homebuyers, are also the most active on social media, checking their accounts multiple times each day.

Social media facilitates low cost marketing, straightforward instant messaging and has a global reach, making it perfect for people looking to relocate. Almost all property websites are either becoming or are already smartphone compatible, providing prospective buyers with immediate notifications when new properties go on sale in their desired area, and allowing them to access the details 24/7.

Today, social media is less of a choice and more of a necessity for realtors. Therefore, when you are looking for a realtor for your property sale, ask them about their experience with social media and if it features in their standard marketing methods.

Don’t forget the basics

Although there is a great deal of emphasis on marketing online and using social media, it is just as important to remember the basics of selling a property – starting with putting a sign in the yard. Not everyone uses the internet regularly, especially those who are more senior in age. If you are selling a home that may appeal to older people, a sign in your yard may be much more effective than online marketing.

Invest in professional photographs

As the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and property sales are no exception. An estimated 70% of potential buyers will browse the photographs of a prospective property before reading the details attached to it. This is largely because photographs are infinitely quicker to look at and assess. When buyers search for a property online, they first filter by their budget and the number of bedrooms that they require. Chances are, their search will yield a lot of results – far too many to have enough time to read through all of the details for. Looking at the images to narrow down the search of properties further is virtually instinctual.

By investing in professional photographs, you will also gain the knowledge and expertise of an experienced photographer. This is invaluable, as he/she will know the best angles and lighting to make your home look as light, spacious and desirable as possible, enticing potential buyers to click on your listing and see more.

Create curb appeal

While you may have grabbed the attention of potential buyers and have some viewings booked, there is no guarantee that you will get them across the threshold if you don’t ensure your home has curb appeal. Many buyers will do a ‘drive-by’ of a property that they are interested in so that they can scout out the exact location and get a feel for the street and surrounding neighborhood. However, if they drive past your home and it looks neglected, cluttered or in any way unattractive, they may decide not to pursue a viewing after all.

Some of the first things that prospective purchasers will notice include the lawns, landscaping, paths and your front door. Make sure that lawns and plants are trimmed and pruned to perfection, the paths are clear and well-lit and your front door is clean with your house number in clear view from the road.

Kick the clutter

Space sells, and a home that is cluttered will feel small no matter what the square footage is! A serious de-clutter is advisable for any property ahead of sale, and before the marketing photographs are taken. The more airy and spacious your home feels, the more desirable and valuable it will seem.

If necessary, hire a storage unit for a few months while your property is on the market. This will provide a perfect opportunity to get rid of anything that you no longer need, and make the moving process far easier when it rolls around.

Hire a quality real estate agent

Working with a professional during your home sale can considerably lower your stress levels! Homes that are sold using a real estate agent typically sell faster and for more money. This is because an experienced and knowledgeable realtor knows how to value and market your home for a profitable and efficient sale.

Ask around for recommendations and contact Todd Armstrong, Pacific Sotheby’s real estate agent in San Diego, and take your time selecting the one you want to work alongside. Choosing the wrong real estate agent is often worse than not choosing to hire one at all.