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Military & Veteran Real Estate

Military Division

We know first hand how the military operates and the A&A military division consists of a retired 23 year Navy Veteran, a 20+ year Active Duty Naval Officer and another Navy Veteran with a background in medicine.

Our mission is to guide our Active Duty Military members & Veterans in the home buying or selling process. No matter where you are in your career, we are here as your trusted real estate advisors for every step in the process.

Give us a call today and lets discuss your unique situation!

Our mission is to educate 10,000 Veterans & Active military members by 2022 on the VA home loan buying process.

Military Division
Our Vision:

Empowered veterans and active military go into the home buying and mortgage process confident and educated, making real estate a first step towards your goals. There is no other team of professionals that will provide an expert portfolio of financial services.

Our Why:

The Fortitude and A&A team provides free monthly VA education and home buying seminars and teaches you how you can use your EARNED benefit as a wealth building strategy

Military Division