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Sofia Arthur REALTOR® REALTOR® | CAL DRE#: 02100243 email: sofia(dotted)arthur(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 619.717.9294 Learn More
Jill Eastman Broker Broker | CAL DRE#: 01809507 email: jill(dotted)eastman(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 619.800.6051 Learn More
Scott Robeson REALTOR® REALTOR® | CAL DRE#: 02019463 email: scott(dotted)robeson(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 858.401.3077 Learn More
John Hernandez REALTOR® REALTOR® | CAL DRE#: 01990576 email: john(dotted)hernandez(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 619.990.1435 Learn More
Ryan Dick REALTOR® REALTOR® | CAL DRE#: 01951618 email: ryan(dotted)dick(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 619.453.6515 Learn More
Michelle Tharayil Real Estate Advisor Real Estate Advisor | CAL DRE#: 01924920 email: michelle(dotted)tharayil(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 818.588.2683 Learn More
Michael Nyland Director of Business Development Director of Business Development email: michael(dotted)nyland(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 619.863.3531 Learn More
Mick Frasca REALTOR® REALTOR® | CAL DRE#: 02028305 email: mick(dotted)frasca(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 619.299.9299 Learn More
Jeff Brick REALTOR® REALTOR® | CAL DRE# 02156850 email: jeff(dotted)brick(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 858.324.4448 Learn More
Jonathan Bernard REALTOR® REALTOR® | CAL DRE# 02038285 email: jonathan(dotted)bernard(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 858-925-4496 Learn More

Coachella Valley Home Advisor

Tony Vaccaro Broker Broker | CAL DRE#: 01898368 email: tony(dotted)vaccaro(at)compass(dotted)com phone: 323.377.1831 Learn More